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How Golf Can Improve Your Mental Health

Earlier this month, on October 10th, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. Like most people, I didn’t immediately connect the dots between mental health and golf. I’ve played the game since I was 8 years old and was always told it was a “mental game” but never thought about it as being mentally Read More

Construction on Holes 8 & 9

Some of you may recall the water main break which occurred in early November off South Blvd.  Unfortunately, the 72 inch main was not the only casualty.  The eruption and water flow also eroded our cart path, which surrounds the green on hole #8.  The instability of the area forced Read More

Project Update - #10 and #13

If you played our course this year, you will have undoubtedly seen our maintenance crews working hard to repair some poor-growth areas which plague our east side. As a landfill renovation golf course, these areas come with the territory, but we are constantly coming up with fresh solutions to the Read More

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend marks the start of summer.  For Michiganders, it means hitting the links or heading up north.  Between the burgers, hot dogs, beverages, fun, sun, relaxation, and quality time with family, let's not forget the real reason we have another day to play this weekend. Read More

Pardon our Mess - #13 Project Update

The biggest challenge we face as a landfill-restorative golf course is dealing with the trouble areas which pop up as the golf course wears in.  Keep in mind, we are only 10 years old, making us a toddler compared to most golf courses.  For various reasons, as golf courses “break-in” Read More

Get Your Swing Back!!!

Golf Season has officially arrived, has your swing?  Now is the time to get those extra swings in, and get your game back to mid-season form as quickly as possible.  Check out our Driving Range at Sanctuary Lake and let us help you shake off the winter rust.  Large buckets are $10, Read More

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