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Michigan #6 on Golf.Com Rank by State

When you think of the ultimate golf destinations I’m guessing Florida, South Carolina and California immediately come to mind. Although you wouldn’t be wrong, there are a few outlier states that are surprisingly great for Golf. Can you guess which ones? I’ll give you a hint, they’re in the heart of the Mid-West and combine for the most competitive state to state rivalry. Still nothing? Here’s another hint – think the buckeye state and fall Saturday’s with maze and blue.

That’s right, the Michigan v Ohio state rivalry have met yet again, only this time it’s on the golf course. Golf.com recently released an article ranking each state 50-1 based on their golf courses. Coming in at number 6 is Michigan. Scoring high in every category, “America’s Summer Golf Capital” is host to numerous courses in its northern parts unrivaled by most. Mix that in with its history of multiple majors and a Ryder Cup and you get yourself a Top Ten Golf state.

Perhaps even more surprising is Ohio’s number 5 ranking. Ohio has the shortest playing season of any top 5 states. However, Ohio has their Ace in the hole – or as most people know him as, their Golden Bear. Jack Nicklaus is an Ohio native, Buckeye hero and the greatest golfer to ever play the game. Sprinkle in Ohio’s unmatched participation rate and stunning courses such as Muirfield Village and you’ll start to see why they belong as one of America’s best state for golf.