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Pardon our Mess - #13 Project Update

The biggest challenge we face as a landfill-restorative golf course is dealing with the trouble areas which pop up as the golf course wears in.  Keep in mind, we are only 10 years old, making us a toddler compared to most golf courses.  For various reasons, as golf courses “break-in” certain areas distinguish themselves from others and require more attention.  Imperfections in turf appear because of poor subsoil patches, water retention, or from high traffic volume.  Once they appear, we can target them and correct the root cause.

This is the case with our current renovations you may see throughout the course.  We are repairing a poor growth area on #13 fairway (as seen in picture) as well as improving drainage on holes #1 and #11.  We have more small projects like this planned for the upcoming year, so pardon our areas while we work hard to improve the golf course, and try to make it better than you remembered it!

Hole Number 13 Improvements


Hole number 13 before


#13 photo